Hide Online




Play hide and seek with machine guns


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Hide Online is a wacky third person action game that challenges two teams to face each other inside a closed setting. The fun part about it is that one of teams is made up of objects that can camouflage themselves into the setting, and their objective is to survive, while the other team is made up of hunters armed with machine guns.

The controls in Hide Online are almost identical for both teams: the virtual movement stick is located to the left of the screen and to the right you can find the different action buttons. If you’re a hunter you can shoot and throw grenades; but if you can camouflage, you can become other objects.

Gameplay in Hide Online is practically identical to that of the popular gaming mode of Garry’s Mod. Basically, it’s an absolutely wacky version of the classic children game hide and seek. Specifically, it’s like playing hide and seek with ‘The Thing’.

Hide Online is a wacky multiplayer action game that offers you a really fun gaming experience. The visuals of the game are also great.

Android 4.1 or greater is required